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Why go to your local bank or a different mortgage company when you can shop ALL the banks in one stop? As loan oriniators for one of the top mortgage banks/brokers in the country, we deal with virtually every lender in the mortgage industry. If you are having a difficult time getting approved for a mortgage or you are even looking to finance a million dollar home, we can match you up with the lender that best suits your needs.

Why we can give you the BEST deal on your home loan.
  • We Simply Do More - Our mortgage-team simply originates more loans than most others. Think about it: Some mortgage originators only originate one home loan every month or two (or longer). Because of this, many of these loan officers are mainly focused on squeezing every penny of profit out of the loan even if it is not in YOUR best interest. We like to focus on assisting a larger number of customers while still maintaining the utmost excellence in customer service. We believe this also gives us more experience, a reputation for saving people money, as well as a vast amount of customers that will refer business to us.

  • Less "Overhead" and Expensive Advertising - Some mortgage banks and brokers in Tucson seem to have branches, billboards, and charity events on every corner. That costs A LOT. Take my word for it. Some billboards in Tucson can cost as much as $30,000 per month! Of course this is a great way to advertise and I am sure these companies get their money out of it, but I will let you in on a secret... YOU are the one who ends up paying for it in the end. These comapnies simply HAVE TO charge you MORE in interest rates, origination fees, and "junk" fees to pay for their various forms of advertising campaigns.

    We prefer to just advertise through "word of mouth" by saving our customers money. It seems to work quite well.

    Like we said above, we work with virtually EVERY mortgage lender there is. That means that we offer the exact same home loans from the same lenders that our competitors offer. We just CHARGE LESS. Go ahead... Shop them first for the fun of it and then come see us.

  • More Options to Choose From - We are both a Mortgage Bank AND a Mortgage Broker. There is nothing that our competitors offer that we don't.

    Can't qualify for a home loan anywhere else? Not satisfied with the Interest Rate you are being offered by the other guys? Don't want to pay any mortgage fees at closing? Give us a call!

    Your home can very easily be the most expensive purchase of your life. It can pay dividends to investigate your options and make sure you are getting the best deal.

    We do not just want to give you a home loan... We want to offer you a comfortable experience and educate you so you fully understand the mortgage process, are comfortable with your decision, and know you got the best deal possible.

    When you reccommend us to your friends, we want you to be able to tell them not only that we are the best, but WHY we are the best.

Loan Officers & Originators - Tucson

Joshua C. Miller
Loan Officer
Josh @ JCMillerMortgage.com
Charlie Morriss
Loan Officer
Charlie @ JCMillerMortgage.com
Don Brown
Loan Officer
Don @ JCMillerMortgage.com