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Mortgage Lenders

Below is a brief list of Mortgage Banks, Lenders, and Investors we work with on a regular basis. Home Loan Executives has access to virtually every type of mortgage loan program and Mortgage Lender in the U.S. When you come to us for your home mortgage you can rest assured you are getting the absolute best deal for your unique situation. The fact that we have access such a wide variety of loans and lenders also means that we can qualify you when our competitors can't.

A Brief List of Mortgage Banks, Lenders, & Investors We Work With...

  • ABC Mortgage 
  • Alliance Bancorp
  • American Mortgage Network
  • Argent Mortgage
  • Aurora Loan Services
  • Bear Stearns Mortgage
  • Billtmore Bank of Arizona
  • Bismark Mortgage 
  • BNC Mortgage
  • Chase Home Equity
  • Chase Subprime
  • Chase Rural
  • Citi Home Equity
  • Com Unity Lending
  • Countrywide "Sub"
  • Countrywide "A"
  • Credit Suisse
  • Decision One Mortgage
  • Equifirst 
  • First Franklin Financial
  • First Horizon
  • First Magnus
  • First National
  • Flagstar
  • Franklin American 
  • GB Home Equity
  • Greenpoint
  • Homecomings Financial 
  • Indymac 
  • Long Beach Mortgage
  • M & I Bank
  • Mortgage It
  • National Bank of Arizona
  • National City Home Equity
  • NationStar
  • Ohio Savings bank
  • Opteum Financial
  • Option One
  • Provident
  • Spectrum Funding
  • Unified Capital
  • US Bank
  • Wachovia 
  • Wells Fargo A/S
  • Wells Fargo P/HE
  • Wilmington Finance
  • UGMC
    Loan Officers & Originators - Tucson

    Joshua C. Miller
    Loan Officer
    Josh @JCMillerMortgage.com
    Charlie Morriss
    Loan Officer
    Don Brown
    Loan Officer