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Want to know how much home you can afford? Get professional advice from Tucson's Top mortgage-team without any charge or Commitment!

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Tucson's mortgage-team!

We will beat any mortgage offer
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Refinance & Save!
Pay as little as $499 per month on a $150,000 Loan!

First time home buyer?
No credit? Bad Credit? Bankruptcy? Our Senior Loan Officer Don Brown is a genius when it comes to finding creative ways to help you qualify for your home loan.

Real Estate Investors!
We can help you capitalize on your investment in ways other Mortgage companies can't. We have specific short-term mortgage plans, Interest Only Loans (IO's) and Option ARM's to maximize your property's income potential.

Foreclosure Looming?
There are always options available no matter what your current situation, income, or credit score - even if you owe more than your home is currently worth. There are a wide variety of mortgage programs available that can drastically reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

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We ARE different. Learn why you should be referring your clients to The J.C.Miller mortgage-team.


We're offering to pay for lawn care for up to a year while your house is on the market with us! 

Loan Officers & Originators - Tucson

Joshua C. Miller
Loan Officer
Josh @JCMillerMortgage.com
Charlie Morriss
Loan Officer
Charlie @JCMillerMortgage.com
Don Brown
Loan Officer
Don @JCMillerMortgage.com